About us

InnoTechMash LTd. is a Russian company researching and developing new concepts in small-scale distributed power industry. 
The company’s specialization goes by two main branches, the first one being design and creation of modern mini CHPPs (combined heat and power plants) whose technology of electric and heat energy production differs from traditional piston and gas-turbine mini CHPP, and the second one being design and creation of industrial steam boilers and boiler units of different usage.
InnoTechMash ensures individual approach to every Customer. Giving this, we can claim with confidence that our engineering and technical solutions allow us to satisfy all the customers’ requirements in generating resources of energy.
Our specialists maintain close contact with leading research centers including Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Mining University, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. With their attendance we develop our technical novelties that either don’t have analogues in modern world or there are very few of them. 
Our main principles of work are:
  • fair and honest fulfillment of obligation;
  • excellent qualities of equipment delivered to our customers;
  • Individual approach to every customer.
Those fundamental principles are strictly kept by us no matter what the circumstances are.