InnoTechMash LTd was founded in 2015 when a group of specialists developed a concept of the first steam-power cogeneration installation. It first got the name SPCI, but then was renamed in Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr».
In 2016 the company got registered officially, and three months later had the staff of 12 employees, among which 10 were highly qualified design engineers. By November 2016, when the company’s productive activity had started, the staff grew up to 60 employees.
Nowadays InnoTechMash LTd not only conducts research and development of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr», but also carries out design and construction work of creating solid-fuel power complex going under the name Heat and Power Complex «Veliy». It operates on coal, peat, spill and solid domestic wastes. Besides, we work at the mobile oil-producing complex «GORN»(OPC «GORN»in short). It’s a high pressure steam generator (its productivity is up to 12 tons of steam per hour, issued steam pressure is up to 160 bar, the temperature is up to 350° C), mounted on a vehicle chassis together with the whole complex of accompanying equipment. The steam generator for OPC “GORN” is designed from beginning to end by specialists of «InnoTechMach» LTd.
Apart from it we’re working on a number of projects on designing boilers and engineering networks. 
From the very beginning and up to the present moment the company’s production site has been situated in the territory of Kirov Plant in Saint Petersburg. 
The company has all required SRO Certificates.