Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»

Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»

The purpose of the Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» is to provide energy for industrial enterprises, oil-, coal- and gas-producing industry enterprises, as well as for housing and public amenities that need a reliable source of small-scale distributed energy generation. The Complex is a steam-power heat energy installation generating electrical and heat energy as well as technological steam of set parameters if needed.

Due to its capability of operating at low temperatures (up to -60˚C) the Complex can be used for special objects in the regions of Far North and the Arctic. Besides, it can be equipped so that to meet high temperatures in some regions.


The principle of operation 

The principle of operation of the Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» is similar to the one of a big CHPP.

When fuel’s burned in steam boilers, heat power is generated. With this energy the water in the boiler gets heated. Then it evaporates and thus we get saturated steam and overheated saturated steam. The overheated steam goes into the steam turbine generator where it extends and transforms the rotor’s rotation into electrical energy that goes to customers. Having done its work, the steam goes into the condenser where it’s condensed. The condensate then is pumped into the deaerator, then into the boiler again, and thus the whole cycle repeats.


Kinds of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»   

Based on the kind of energy needed it is possible to use one of the three construction types of the Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»:

  • 1st type – using steam turbine propelling plants of counter-pressure type, issuing electrical power (from 0.5 mW to 3.0 mW) and heat energy (from 2.5 mW to 15.0 mW);
  • 2nd type – using steam turbine installations of condensation type, issuing electrical energy (from 0.5 mW to 6.5 mW);
  • 3rd type – using steam turbine installations of condensation type with industrial take off of steam, issuing electrical energy (from 0.5 mW to 5.4 mW) and technological steam (from 0.2 to 25.0 tons of steam per hour).    


Kinds of fuel used for Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»:

  • Natural gas;
  • Associated petroleum gas (not purified);
  • Crude oil (including high-viscosity and super-viscosity, with up to 5% of sulfur content);
  • Fuel oil of any kind (including that of low quality);
  • Oil processing waste (needs coordination);
  • Diesel fuel;
  • Methane (emitted in process of decontamination of layers in the coal-mining industry);
  • Bioethanol;
  • Aggressive combustible gas emitted in chemical industry, with heating capacity from 4000 kcal/nanometer3 (needs coordination).


Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» can SIMULTANIOUSLY operate on gas and liquid fuel (mix).
This feature of simultaneous burning of gas and liquid fuel can be useful for oil-extracting industry where if lack of associated petroleum gas used as fuel occurs, the mechanism starts feeding raw oil into the boil, with the quantity exactly what’s needed for steam producing.

Advantages of the Heat and Powr Complex «Alatyr»

1. Variability. It allows us to select the variant of electrical and heat power producing and production of technological steam that suits the customer the most. Besides, this way the customers’ expenses are reduced in comparison with their buying similar equipment from somewhere else. 
2. The capability of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» to operate on any kind of gas and liquid fuel (and their mixes) including cheap oil-processing wastes, that allows greatly reduce expenses for fuel. The Complex can operate on raw fuel with very great content of sulfur (up to 5%), on superviscous raw oil and on aggressive associated petroleum gas. 
3. Low cost of issued electrical energy due to low expenses on maintenance and the possibility to use cheap kinds of fuel.
4. Simplicity of maintenance.
5. Short time needed for procedural service (3-5 days in a year).
6. Reliability. The technologies of CHPPs are tested by years of use.
7. Long exploitation time (25 years and more).
8. System of self-cleaning of boilers that allows to keep to the standards of quality and quantity of steam needed for turbine’s operation.
9. Power control in the range from 15 % to 100 % of electrical and heat energy.
10. Possibility of quick install and putting into operation: the complex equipment is transferred in transportable modules.
11. The complex meets all the requirements regarding pollution.
12. While used in oil-extracting industry it promotes implementation of Russian government resolution № 7 dated January 9th, 2009 “About measures for promoting reduction of atmospheric air pollution by products of combustion of associated petroleum gas in flares”.
13. Short payback period.
Field of application of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr»
Our researches prove technical and economical expediency of using Heat and Power Complex«Alatyr» in various industries, including:
1. Oil-extracting industry.
Field of application:
  • Power supply for mid-rate and low-rate wells.
Kinds of fuel used for it:
  • Dirty associated petroleum gas;
  • Raw oil;
  • Mixture of associated petroleum gas and raw oil (with low quantity of associated petroleum gas).
2. Coal-mining industry.
Field of application:
  • Power supply for infrastructure of fields.
Kinds of fuel used for it:
  • Methane emitted in process of decontamination of layers. 
3. Agricultural industry in faraway regions.
Field of application:
  • Heat and electrical power supply for greenhouses and infrastructure.
Kinds of fuel used for it:
Fuel oil;
  • Oil processing wastes;
  • Bioethanol;
  • Natural gas.
4. Chemical industry with combustible gas with heating capacity from 4000 kcal/nanometer3.
Field of application:
  • Providing heat and electrical power as well as technological steam of set parameters
Kinds of fuel used for it:
  • Combustible gas with heating capacity from 4000 kcal/nanometer3;
  • Fuel oil;
  • Oil processing wastes;
  • Natural gas.
5. Ministry of Emergency Situations.
Field of application:
  • Producing electrical and heat energy in disaster areas, natural catastrophes zones and in regions of temporary settlements of victims of disasters.
Kinds of fuel used for it:
  • Fuel oil;
  • Oil processing wastes;
  • Natural gas;
  • Diesel fuel.
6. Housing and Public Amenities.
Field of application:
  • Producing electrical and heat energy in hard-to-reach areas in midland of Russia, Yakutia, Primorsky Krai, Sakhalin and other regions where energy generating is carried out by means of unreliable and high-cost in maintenance diesel power stations.
Kinds of fuel used for it:
  • Fuel oil;
  • Oil processing wastes.
Items of equipment of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» 1/5

1. Power complex.

It consists of a steam boiler and auxiliary equipment: gas and oil fuel stage, burner, top drum blowing system, bottom drum blowing system, boiler’s inner surfaces cleaning system, air ducts, water, gas and fuel pipelines, fittings,  automatics, control and protection devices, smoke pipe.

1.1. Boiler.

Water tube boiler equipped with horizontal water-cooled furnace chamber designed for burning fuel with high sulphur content, having steam system of soot cleaning. The temperature of combustion gas should be not lower than 175 ˚C in order to prevent forming acid dew point of combustible gas on heating surface.


Technical features RK – 6.7 – 3.6 – 7000 - 1800

Steam generating capacity 6,7 tons per hour;  5,74 MW
Outlet temperature 440 0С
Temperature of air for combustion 25°C
Maximal allowed pressure in the boiler (maximum level set for the pressure-relief valve): 36,2 bar
Fuel consumption 581 kg/hour (average)
Productivity, including losses 6,2 MW
Efficiencys 92 %
Water amount 5,6 m3
Weight of the boiler free of water and covering 23 000 kg
Dimensions, (L/W/H)  10,8x2,65x 2,742 m  
Manufacturer «InnoTechMash» LTd. 


1.2. Burner device.

Industrial burner device for separate and collateral burning of associated petroleum gas and oil with high sulphur content in mixtures. Power regulation is modulated. Proportion of oil and air is regulated by electronics.


Technical features

Furnace power

6,4 MW
Minimal furnace area, (L/W/H)  5х1,5х1,5 m

Associated gas

Combustion heat 52-86  MJ/nm3
Pressure 250 mbar
Temperature 20 0С
Consumption 150…450 nm3/hour
Lease gas condensate none

Maximal content of  hydrogen sulfide

9 % (volume)
Raw oil  

Combustion heat

42,7 MJ/kg
Pressure 0,1…1 bar (overpressure.)
Temperature 60 0С
Consumption 180…540 kg/hour
Maximal content of sulphur 5 % (mass)
Pilot oil: Associated gas/propane-butane mixture

Diffusing substance (compressed air dry steam)           


Pressure 5 bar (overpressure)
Consumption 0…600 l/min
Air for consumption  
Flow capacity  per burner (3% О2)  12 000 nm3/hour
Temperature max. 40 0С
Flow evenness ±10 %
Manufacturer Foreign partner


1.3. Gas fuel stage.

It is used for regulating the pressure of incoming gas flow and even supply into the burner device.


1.4. Oil fuel stage.

It is used for preliminary heating and pumping of fuel, for providing needed level of pressure and constant temperature for transmission into the burner device.


2. Turbine generator.

It is used for producing electrical energy. Its guaranteed electrical power is 650 kW.

  • Steam turbine with counterpressure is a one-stage feature, with an operational wheel equipped with one row of rotor blades.
  • Generator is three-phase asynchronous.


Technical features

Nominal steam consumption 6,5   tons/hour     

Input pressure of the steam into the turbine 

3,0 to 3,5 MPa (from 30,2 to 35,1  absolute)

Steam temperature at the input of the turbine 400 ÷ 445°С     

Downstream pressure of the steam issued from the turbine

 0,25 MPa (2,53 absolute) to 0,15 MPa      (1,53 absolute)

Downstream temperature of the steam issued from the turbine 189 °С
Rotational speed of the turbine’s rotor  225с-1 (13500 turns per minute)
Rotation speed of the  output rotor of the reducer 25с-1 (1500 rotations per minute)
Synchronous generator:  
Supply voltage of the generator 3 × 6300 V, 50 Hz
Power at the generator’s plugs 650 kW
Nominal current 80,2 А

Rotation speed

25s-1 (1500 rotations per minute)
Manufacturer Russian company

3. Complete switchgear.

There are two sets of switchgear-6,3 kW in the Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr» that together with the equipment of the turbine generators can be included into a network stand-alone system, synchronize itself and pass 1,0 MW of electrical power to a consumer. 

4. Complex of program-technical means of automatic control system.

The Complex’s element base of technical means of automatic control system over technological processes consists of commercially available automation products and computing machinery manufactured by the company “Valmet Automation” (Finland). Technical means of the standard equipment set of automatic control system over technological processes have all the required certificates proving their correspondence to Russian standards.

This program-technical complex has the following features:

  • Modular construction principle Reservation of equipment and communication channels, hot replacement of elements;
  • High level of reliability, long operation period;
  • Complex self-diagnostic;
  • Wide range of variants of solving administration tasks on engineering and information;
  • Comfortable user-friendly interface;
  • Possibility of integrating with other items of equipment via standard network and software.

This complex is equipped with a full-scale automated system of administrating technological processes, the main control panel of which is brought into the control block. The control block has a fully-equipped dispatcher’s place where the operator can administrate the complex by means of the computer interface.

5. Chemical water treatment.

As the main water treating equipment we install «Block and modular water treating complex, model ECOZ» prefabricated by the company «Nevskaya Ecologicheskaya Kompaniya» LTd.This water treating equipment is mass -produced according to requirements of TC 4859-001-80586333-2011.

The features of the equipment guarantee that the provided water is of the quality meeting all the requirements of GOST 20995-75 as well as the requirements of the boiler’s manufacturer, taken that the proper service conditions are maintained and the maintenance regulations written in the equipment certificate are kept to.


6. Open-type deaerator.

It is used for removing corrosive-aggressive gas (oxygen and free carbon dioxide) from the feedwater of the steam boilers.

Technical features of the OD 10/4

Efficiency  10 m3/hour
Working pressure 1,2 bar (absolute)
Capacity  4 m3
Temperature   104,25 0С
Parameters, (L/W/H) 4450 х1212x3540 mm


7. Equipment for heat energy utilization.

It is used for transferring the heat energy to the consumer and if necessary, in case the heat energy is not needed, for utilizing it by means of dry cooling towers. The system is closed, in process of operating all that’s needed is feeding. Structure: dry cooling tower, two steps of heat exchangers operating as a condenser, network heat exchangers, pumps, ethylene glycol mixture, etc.

7.1. Dry cooling towers.

It cools the circulating warmth-caring liquid via outdoor air flowing through the plate heat exchanger.

Technical characteristics of TF 916.6.22.GR

Capacity 2452 kW
Quantity of fans 6
Working pressure  12 bar (absolute)
Air temperature entrance/exit 40 (max.)/96,8 0С
Air-flow rate: 133600 m3/hour
Parameters, (L/W/H) 5,80х2,376х2,40 m

7.2. Heat exchanging equipment.

From Russian manufacturers and suppliers:«Gidrolex» CJSC - bellows-sealed and tubular heat exchanging low weight and compact devices, and «RIDAN» LTd. – standard plate heat.