Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»

Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»

Heat and Power Complex «Veliy» is a compact solid-fuel mini CHPP that can generate electric and heat energy as well as technological steam.

The concept of this complex is quite the same as of Heat and Power Complex «Alatyr». The difference is in the boiler used in the fuel supply system. It is specially designed to use solid fuel.
Kinds of fuel used for Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»:
  • Coal;
  • Spill;
  • Peat;
  • Wastes (sorted out solid domestic wastes).
Minimal heating capacity of fuel should be not less than 2500 kcal/kg. The more the heating capacity is, the less fuel is needed.
inimal heating capacity of fuel should be not less than 2500 kcal/kg. The more the heating capacity is, the less fuel is needed.
According to energy resources produced by Heat and Power Complex «Veliy» they can be divided into three groups:
1. Used to produce electrical energy up to 1.7 mW
2. Used to produce electrical and heat energy: 
  • up to 1.5 mW of electrical energy and up to 2.5 mW of heat energy;
  • up to 1.0 mW of electrical energy and up to 5 mW of heat energy;
  • other variants are possible.
3. Used to produce electrical energy and technological steam:
  • up to 1.5 mW of electrical energy and up to 1 ton of technological steam;
  • other variants are possible.
Field of application of Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»
Heat and Power Complex «Veliy» is designed for providing energy for industrial enterprises and housing and community amenities located in faraway regions where generation of electrical and heat energy is provided by diesel power stations, the latter being unreliable and demanding, especially fuel-wise.
First of all, it concerns remote regions in mid-Russia, Yakutia, Primorski Krai, Sakhalin and other districts.
Around 70% of the territory of Russian Federation including Far North, Far East, Siberia, Buryatia, Yakutia, Altai, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka don’t have centralized power supply. More than 20 million people live in this vast territory, and their daily living is supported mainly by means of small-scale power generation. The cost of electrical energy in these regions is very high.
Principle of operation
Burning in the boiler, the fuel emits heat energy that is spent for making water circulating in the tubes evaporate. Thus, the water turns into steam. Then this steam goes into the steam turbine generator where electrical energy is generated and delivered to consumers. Having done its work, the steam goes into the condenser where it’s condensed. The condensate then is pumped into the deaerator, then into the boiler again, and thus the whole cycle repeats.
Advantages of the Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»
  • Variability. It allows us to select the variant of electrical and heat power producing and production of technological steam that suits the customer the most. Besides, this way the customers’ expenses are reduced in comparison with their buying similar equipment from someone else. 
  • The capability of Heat and Power Complex «Veliy» to operate on any kind of solid fuel.
  • Lower cost of generated energy in comparison to other sources of energy. It is possible due to the fact that other sources of energy generation use liquid or gas fuel, the cost of which is much higher, and moreover the transportation of such kinds of fuel is problematic because of long distances and the fuel’s quality being dependent of the weather.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Reliability.
  • Long effective life: 25 years and longer.
  • The boilers are equipped with the self-cleaning system that maintains high quality and set quantity of the steam needed for the turbine’s operation.
  • Power range from 15% to 100% of electrical and heat energy.
  • Possibility of quick install and putting into operation: the complex equipment is transferred in transportable modules.
  • The complex meets all the requirements regarding pollution.
  • Short payback period.
Equipment of Heat and Power Complex «Veliy»
As mentioned earlier, the main differences between Heat and Power Complexes «Alatyr» and «Veliy»are the following:
1. Boiler.
Heat and Power Complex«Veliy»has a solid fuel boiler that operates upon the technology of a high-temperature boiling layer. The key feature of this boiler is that for its creation inert materials are not used as it is done for boilers of other types.
Technical features of the boiler:
  • Steam issue – 3.4 tons of steam per hour
  • Temperature of issued steam – 440 0C
  • Issued steam pressure – 33 bar (abs.)
2. Fuel supply system.
Its purpose is to transfer fuel from the outer warehouse to boiler bunker-batcher. It is placed outside of the Heat and Power Complex “Veliy”, and it is custom made for every object. It is not too complex, and it is not demanding money-wise. The size and structure of the fuel supply system depend on the kind of fuel and the amount of it that the system operates on until the next load.